Soap Saver Soap Dish
Soap Saver Soap Dish

Soap Saver Soap Dish

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Soap Saver: 
  • Clever gift idea for a housewarming or as a thank you to the host of a party
  • Dish dryer helps drain bars of soap and rinses easily
  • Contains 1 soap saver
  • 4 3/4"x 2 1/2" x 1/2"

I've used this product for more 4 years and still love it! 

It is economical because this item helps bars last longer. Rest this soap dish saver under the soap on the counter top, and you'll notice it also prevents the mushy quality that often occurs.  This item is especially helpful in high-usage rooms like the guest bath or kitchen.

To clean just run hot water and small brush. If you want to sanitize just dip in your favorite sanitizer.  Use over and over again!

Can be cut down to fit a favorite dish or area in your shower.