Starter Soap Making Kit
Starter Soap Making Kit
Starter Soap Making Kit

Starter Soap Making Kit

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Included in the kit:

- A reusable food grade natural silicone mold

-Stackable Soap Mold Basket

 - Printed instructions

- 5 ounces of lye (sodium hydroxide)

- 1 ounce of pure lavender essential oil

- 8 ounces of coconut oil

- A blend of olive, coconut and castor oils

-1- 5 gram samples of micas

-1 pair disposable gloves

- Care instructions for your mold


If you'v ever wanted to start making soap this is the starter kit for you! Everything is right in this kit to help you get started.  This kit will make 11 bars of soap if you cut them 1 inch.

You will also need:

Additional safety items not included in the kit that you will need are:

safety goggles


You will also need the following soapmaking equipment:

mixing bowl (Glass, HDPE or Stainless Steel) NO ALUMINUM OR ZINC!!!

silicone spatula

stainless steel spoon

lye mixing pitcher (Glass, HDPE or Stainless Steel) NO ALUMINUM OR ZINC!!!

stickblender (immersion blender)




We received several of these kits from the manufacturer and the oil had leaked out a bit. (We are in Colorado at high altitude and have problems with seals opening here)  For most of the kits it amounts to just 1-2 oz. of oil and is easily fixed by just filling the olive oil back to the rim inside the oil container.  Even though it should cost you around $0.25 in oil to refill them we have discounted these sets just so we don't have to mess with opening them all up. 


Stackable Soap Mold Basket, made in the USA with quality Stainless Steel 

Perfectly Fits the soap molds in our Starter Soap Making Kit and allows you to stack your cooling loaves on your work surface.

Please Note: The pictures are demonstrative only and intended to show how the basket perfectly holds the mold, as well as stack and interlock with each other. You will receive one soap basket per order. 

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